All Year 10 students will be participating in a Careers Advisers delivered program. This program complements and supports the subject selection process offered by the College. The program will consist of two lessons given to the entire Year 10 group [Year group to be split in two and each Careers Adviser takes half the group for each lesson]. The lessons will involve students being given information and tasks to to do before they will be interviewed individually in the first four weeks of Term 3. At these individual interviews students will need to bring work that has been set for them. This work will include investigating their skills their abilities, their interests; qualifications , job investigations, buliding a resume/ interview folder. Each student will be assessed at this interview with the findings reported back to them and any areas of improvement to be followed up. Students are encouraged to gather as much information as possible to assist with wise decision making. Students will be required to register on the schools career website. Parents are encouraged to explore this website and visit it regularly. You may even want to subscribe to email alerts about particular career information. See Calendar to register. If you have any questions please contact the Careers Advisers.