The Art of the Conversation

I recently listened to Jane Caro [ well known author and commentator] who spoke about the Art of the Conversation in relation to Careers of the Future - with jobs that may not yet exist. She mentioned several interesting points that I would like to share:

It is so common today that when people speak at you - you switch off! 

If they engage you and draw you in - you actually engage !

If students learn what engagement is they will be successful in everything in life and work.

Social skill is the most important thing. You can have all the technical skills but if you have no idea about dialogue, response and where people are coming from - and engage- you will not do well in life and work.

Conversations that connect; Know the Why [ pupose] share the why [ why you are having this conversation] Purpose leads to connection [ find a common ground early on in the conversation; listen without YOU [ -ie- be aware of your assumptions - what we are expecting to hear - what were bringing - listen slower than we talk, listen WITH them - walk in their shoes as much as possible- body language, tone, whats not being saId - are you hearing that?

Reflection: stop and reflect on the conversation - what does this mean now? What does it mean to you? to them?

Action: is the decision and the decision is action. [ most of the time]. Sometimes when strugling with a decsion - take a step!

Timing is critical. When and where is important to conversations. I know as a Careers Adviser I have to do a lot of work beforehand. I  continually try to work on more effective communications with parents, staff and students.

Flexibility is important too - there are always flexible ways to do things.